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Analog Spectrum Analyzer 1GHz AT6010 warr
Product Name

Analog Spectrum Analyzer 1GHz AT6010 warr


USD 550.00


Mode:AT 6010


AT6000 series spectrum analyzer have exceed 1GHZ frequency (0.15 ~1050MHZ) 50MHZ step frequency and fine adjust to the center frequency, compose the convenient frequency-domain test.

Frequency range: 0.15~1050MHz


Aging: ±2ppm each year

Resolution of frequency display:10kHz(5 ½ digit)

Readout accuracy: ±2%* sweepwidth+5*10-3* CF+10kHz

CF adjustment range: 0 .15~1050MHz

Frequency synthesize: TCXO,DDS

Sweep width range: zero steps and 1—1000MHz (1-2-5 steps)

Sweep Width accuracy: ±10%

Resolution Bandwidth:400kHz 、20kHz

Video-Filter Bandwidth:4kHz

Sweep time:20ms

Amplitude Specifications  0.15~1050MHz

Range: -100dBm~+13dBm

Display: CRT,8*10div

Display calibration:10dB/div,logarithmic


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