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Brand new Amprobe-GP2A-Earth Ground Tester
Product Name

Brand new Amprobe-GP2A-Earth Ground Tester


USD 1,200.00


Poor grounding is dangerous and contributes to unnecessary downtime and increases the risk of equipment failure. The Amprobe GP-2A Earth Ground Resistance Tester provides accurate and reliable measurements for ground resistance and soil resistivity to assure the safety and performance of an electrical system. The GP-2A is complete with PC software that allows the user to download critical recorded measurements and to create professional reports for customers


- Ground resistance meter to measure earth ground resistance, soil resistivity, and noise voltage to evaluate system safety

- Automatic digital measurement of resistivity and voltage with autoranging function

- Internal memory stores up to 999 readings for later download to a PC using the included USB cable

- Measures voltage from 0 to 460V, earth resistance from 0.08 Ohms to 49.9 kilohms, and resistivity from 0.5 ohm-meters to 314 kilohm-meters

- Safety rated to European Standard EN 61010-1 Category III 240V



Brand new Amprobe-GP-2A-Earth-Ground-Tester New


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