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FLIR Scout New PS24 Thermal Camera with 19mm lens
Product Name

FLIR Scout New PS24 Thermal Camera with 19mm lens


USD 1,200.00


Key Features

    Tiny thermal camera that generates great thermal images
    Lightweight and highly portable
    Weatherproofing and durable
    Switch easily between White Hot, Black Hot and InstAlert polarity modes
    Buttons placed on top of device for ease of use
    Switch polarity, LCD brightness and turn on LCD tasklight using buttons
    Rechargeable batteries (and swappable for spares)
    Can be used in darkness, woodland and more to detect animals
    Detects man-sized targets at a distance of 350 yards
    Quick start up to aid with quick viewing of animals

Full List of Products Included

    USB Cable
    Wrist strap
    Soft drawstring bag
    Product CD


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