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Flir 2017 i5 Lightweight Thermal Imaging Camera
Product Name

Flir 2017 i5 Lightweight Thermal Imaging Camera


USD 900.00


FLIR i5 Thermal Imaging Camera: Key Functions

Perform preventive maintenance inspections
Produce instant infrared images of your findings
Detect hidden problems
Identify energy losses and poor insulation
    Make quick damage assessments
    Create reports, analyse and document your findings with the easy-to-use software
    Survey buildings to find moisture or leaks
    Spot electrical faults in good time

FLIR i5 Thermal Imaging Camera Kit

    FLIR i5 Thermal Imaging Camera
    User Manual
    FREE FLIR Thermal Imaging Guidebook
    USB cable Download Cable
    FLIR QuickReport software (via download)
    Hard Carry Case for safe transportation
    2GB SD card
    Li-Ion rechargeable battery with power supply/charger
    12 month manufacturer’s warranty (with FREE extra 12 months)


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