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Flir E8 2017 Thermal Imaging Camera
Product Name

Flir E8 2017 Thermal Imaging Camera


USD 2,800.00


Image Capturing Made Easy

All it takes to capture a thermal image using the E8 is to give the trigger on the back of the device a squeeze. This will store the image in either an MSX blended form, a thermal image, a picture-in-picture image (where a normal image has a thermal image in a box on top of it) or as a standard digital image.

When stored, all temperature data associated with the image is also stored for easy reference when analysing the images further using FLIRs Tools software package (included as a free download with every E8 thermal camera).

Images can also be easily recalled on the camera itself by using the responsive interface and can be downloaded to PC by the use of a USB cable.
Unique Functions

Only found on the E8, a number of unique functions further expand the abilities of this thermal camera.

The main inclusions found in this device are built-in spotmeter and colour alarms, allowing the user to set an alarm when temperature spikes are detected and the spotmeter function allows the detailed measurement of a specific area.
Full List of Products Included

FLIR E8 Thermal Imaging Camera
FLIR Rechargeable Battery Charging Station
FLIR Rechargeable Battery
Replacement FLIR Rechargeable Battery
Mains/USB Charger Complete with Australian, European and UK Plug Adapters
USB Cable
Important Information Booklet and Full Manual on CD-ROM
Calibration Certificate
Free download of FLIR Tools software
Extended Warranty Card
Getting Started User Guide
Hard Carrying Case


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