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Fluke Networks 2017 DTX 1800 Cable Analyzer
Product Name

Fluke Networks 2017 DTX 1800 Cable Analyzer


USD 4,300.00


Fluke Networks DTX 1800 Cable Analyzer 

NEW Fluke Networks DTX-1800 
Cable Analyzer

Package Contents:
DTX-1800 Cable Analyzer
DTX-1800 Main and Smart Remote
LinkWare PC Software
128MB MMC Card
2 x Cat 6A/Class EA Permanent Link Adapters
2 x Cat 6/Class E Channel Adapters
2 x Headsets for Talk
2 x AC Chargers
Carrying Case
USB Interface Cable (Mini-B)
Serial RS-232 Cable (DB9 to IEEE1394)
User Manual

Product Model:    DTX-1800 120 

Product Name:
DTX-1800 120 Network Accessory Kit 

Network Accessory Kit


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