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Fluke Ti110 2017 Thermal Imager
Product Name

Fluke Ti110 2017 Thermal Imager


USD 1,600.00


Fluke Ti110 Thermal Imager 

Flukes new Ti series of thermal imagers are some of the easiest-to-use professional thermal imager on the market. With an exclusive IR-OptiFlex focus system the Ti series helps you perform electrical and mechanical inspections significantly faster. IR-Fusion® technology with Picture-in-Picture and AutoBlend modes help to find and diagnose problems more precisely. The Ti110 is light-weight, rugged, and easy to use.

Patented Fluke IR-Fusion Technology
Enjoy the industrys only point-and-shoot IR-Fusion camera. Fluke patented technology provides the user with both a digital and an infrared image in one to precisely document problem areas.

IR-OptiFlex focus system
Scan for issues significantly faster than before with Flukes revolutionary, ultra-rugged focus system. The IR-OptiFlex focus system gives you optimum focus by combining focus-free, ease-of-use with the flexibility of manual focus on the same camera.


Thermal imagers are shipped with ac power adapter, lithium ion smart battery (Ti125 includes 2 each—other models 1 each), USB cable, SD memory card, hard carrying case, soft transport bag, adjustable hand strap (left- or right-handed use), printed users manual in English, Spanish, French, German and Simplified Chinese, all other manuals on CD—total of 18, SmartViewsoftware and warranty registration card. Ti125 model also include a two-bay charging base and a multi-format USB memory card reader.


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