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Fluke Ti400 2017 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
Product Name

Fluke Ti400 2017 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera


USD 3,500.00


Fluke Ti400 2017 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera


The Fluke Ti400 Infrared Camera is a leap ahead for thermal imaging. With more than four times the resolution of most other thermal imagers, the Ti400 can see and measure 76,800 points on a target simultaneously. Combined with an impressive 0.05 °C sensitivity, its no wonder the Ti400 has the best image of the Fluke point and shoot family. Designed to play friendly, the Ti400 can connect wirelessly to up to five other Fluke instruments to record all the relevant data in one place. You can even add other photos, voice notes, or text notes to your image to better document your findings. And thanks to the Fluke LaserSharp Auto Focus, all of your work will be in perfect focus when you get back to the office for analysis. From recording thermal video to interchangeable lenses, to one handed camera operation, the Fluke Ti400 Infrared Camera is packed with the features that professionals seek out.

320 x 240 resolution

Sensitive to 0.05 C temperature changes

View and measure temperatures from -4 to 2192 F (-20 to 1200 C)

LaserSharp Auto Focus

CNX Wireless System

Electronic compass records direction of captured image

IR-PhotoNotes records surrounding detail with up to 3 extra visual images per IR image

Add text notes, or record 60 seconds of voice annotation directly to the camera

5 mega-pixel visual light camera with LED flash/flashlight

Picture-in-picture (PIP), AutoBlend fusion of digital and infrared images

3.5 inch color LCD touchscreen

Record radiometric video

Two included batteries means no down time

Includes SmartView analysis and reporting software

Meets IP54 dust and splash standards

Professional ruggedness will withstand a 6.5 ft (2m) drop


Fluke Ti400 Infrared Camera; ac power supply and battery pack charger (including mains adapters); two, rugged lithium ion smart battery packs; Micro SD memory card with SD adapter; 3 m USB cable; 3 m HDMI video cable; SmartView software with free software upgrades for life; rugged, hard carrying case; soft transport bag; adjustable hand strap; printed users manual (five languages); CD user manual; warranty registration card


Warranty Information=

Fluke warranties all thermal imagers for two years from the date of purchase.


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