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Fluke new Calibration 9170
Product Name

Fluke new Calibration 9170


USD 5,200.00


Fluke Calibration 9170 

Fluke Calibration 9170-F-156 Metrology Well, -45C, W/9170-Insf, 115V

New - Factory Authorized Distributor - Factory Warranty

Best-performing industrial heat sources (accuracy, stability, uniformity) in the world
Immersion depth to 203 mm (8 in)
Optional ITS-90 reference input reads PRTs to +/-0.006C
Temperature range from –45C to 140C
For Cold Units

With groundbreaking new pro-prietary electronics from Fluke Calibration (patents pending), Metrology Wells let you bring lab-quality performance into whatever field environment you might work in. New analog and digital control techniques provide stability as good as +/-0.005C. And with dual-zone control, axial (or "vertical") uniformity is as good as +/-0.02C over a 60 mm (2.36 in) zone. (ThatÂ’s 60 mm!) Such performance doesnÂ’t exist anywhere else outside of fluid baths. In short, there are six critical components of performance in an industrial heat source (which the European metrology community explains, for example, in the document EA-10/13): calibrated display accuracy, stability, axial (vertical) uniformity, radial (well-to-well) uniformity, impact from loading, and hysteresis. We added a seventh in the form of a legitimate reference thermometer input and created an entirely new product category: Metrology Wells


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