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New Flir i7 Hand Held Thermal Camera
Product Name

New Flir i7 Hand Held Thermal Camera


USD 1,500.00


Thermal Imaging Camera’s Top 10 i7 Features

If you’re looking at your first thermal imaging camera, it can be difficult to decide which is ideal for your needs and your work requirements.
Here is our top ten list of features for the Flir i7, which we regard as noteworthy, to help make your decision easier.

The i7 thermal camera has an image resolution of 140 x140 pixels.
Thermal sensitivity on the Flir i7 is 100mK NETD.
Software is included for reporting purposes.
The i7 thermal imager can detect between -/+1% of the accurate temperature.
Accuracy on the i7 thermal camera ranges from -20°C to 250°C.
With a wide scope for possible applications, the i7 camera is suitable for electrical, mechanical, industrial, building and general use.
Flir’s i7 model has been designed with easy to use functions.
And also has the added feature of a 512mb SD card included.
The i7 thermal imager has an inbuilt lens protector to keep your camera screen in peak condition.
    It also has both hard and soft carry cases for ultimate protection.


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