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Original Niton 2017 XL3t GOLDD XRF Analyzer
Product Name

Original Niton 2017 XL3t GOLDD XRF Analyzer


USD 6,500.00


Thermo Scientific Niton XL3t analyzer combines advanced electronics and materials technology with dynamic features and the most versatile x-ray tubes ever used in a handheld XRF instrument. When this power is harnessed to our groundbreaking GOLDD+ technology, it takes your analytical capabilities to a whole new level. The direct benefits to you include: real-time results, advanced light element analysis, and ultimate performance in our robust, proven design.

From their extraordinary speed and precision to the integrated, tilting, color, touch-screen display and the customizable menus for ease of use, ergonomic Niton XL3t GOLDD+ analyzers are lightweight, ruggedly constructed, and fast. GOLDD technology delivers vast improvements in sensitivity or measurement times – as much as 10-times faster than conventional Si-PIN detectors, and up to 3-times more precise than conventional silicon drift detectors (SDD).

Weight -< 3.0 lbs (< 1.3 kg)


-9.60 x 9.05 x 3.75 in. (244 x 230 x 95.5 mm)


-Ag anode (6-50 kV, 0-200 μA max)


-Geometrically Optimized Large Area Drift Detector (GOLDD)
-Proprietary detector with 180,000 throughput cps
-Resolution: < 185 eV @ 60,000 cps @ 4μ sec shaping time

System Electronics

-533 MHz ARM 11 CPU
-300 MHz dedicated DSP
-80 MHz ASICS DSP for signal processing
-4096 channel MCA
-32 MB internal system memory/128 MB internal user storage


-Tilting, color, touch-screen display

Standard Analytical Range

-Up to 30 elements from Mg to U (varies by application)

Optional Light Elements

-Ultra-low light element detection via He purge

Data Storage

-Internal >10,000 readings with spectra

Data Transfer

-USB, Bluetooth, and RS-232 serial communication


-Password-protected user security

Mode (Varies by application)

-Alloy Modes: Metal Alloy, Electronics Alloy, Precious Metals
-Bulk Modes: Soil, Mining, TestAll
-Plastic Modes: RoHS Plastics, Toy & Consumer Goods Plastics, TestAll, Painted Products
-Custom Modes: Upon request (based on application feasibility)

Data Entry

-Touch-screen keyboard
-User-programmable pick lists
-Optional wireless remote barcode reader

Standard Accessories

-Integrated CCD camera for locating and storing images
-Locking shielded carrying case
-Shielded belt holster
-Two lithium-ion battery packs
-110/220 VAC battery charger/AC adaptor
-PC connection cables (USB and RS-232)
-Niton Data Transfer (NDT) PC software
-Safety lanyard
-Check samples/standards

Optional Features and Accessories

-3 mm small-spot collimation
-Thermo Scientific SmartStand portable test stand, stationary (bench-top) test stand, mobile test stand, Field Mate
-Thermo Scientific Extend-a-Pole extension pole
-Welding mask
-Thermo Scientific HotFoot™ hot surface adapter
-Soil testing guard


-Varies by region; contact your local distributor



Application :

-Metal alloy analysis
-Mining exploration
-Environmental applications
-Electronics and consumer goods testing

-Thermo Scientific Niton XL3t GOLDD+ XRF Analyzer
-Two (2) battery packs
-Padded case
-Cables, Software & Manuals
-90 Days Warranty


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