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Original Niton 2017 XLP 300 Series xrf Analyzers
Product Name

Original Niton 2017 XLP 300 Series xrf Analyzers


USD 3,750.00


Niton 2016 XLP 300 Series xrf Analyzers

Thermo Scientific Niton XLp 300 Series analyzers set the industry standard for lead analysis in applications ranging from paint, to soils and sediments, to dust wipes and air filters, to screening for the presence of lead in toys, fabrics, ceramic goods, and other child accessible products.

Specification :

Weight : 3.0 lbs (1.4 kg)
Dimensions : 9.75x10.5x3.75 inches (248x273x95 mm)
Batteries : (2) Rechargeable Quick Swap lithium-ion battery packs 6-14 hour use each
Excitation Source : 40 mCi 109Cd (1,480 Mbq) sealed radioisotope
X-ray Detector : High-performance, electronically cooled, solid-state detector optimized for Pb L-shell and K-shell x-ray detection
System Electronics : 
-Hitachi SH-4 CPU 
-ASICS high-speed DSP 
-4096 channel MCA
Display : Backlit VGA touch-screen LCD
Testing Modes :
-Lead-based Paint Mode (standard) 
-K&L Paint Mode (Standard) 
-Bulk Sample Mode (optional) 
-Thin Sample Mode, including Dust Wipe Mode, 37mm Filter Mode (optional) 
-Thin Sample Mode (user defined) (optional) 
-Consumer Good Mode (optional)
Data Storage : Internal ~6000 readings + spectra
Data Entry : Three methods for user data entry: 
-Virtual touch-screen keyboard 

Thermo Scientific Niton XLp 300 Series analyzers provide many distinct advantages:

-The only lead paint analyzer with the ideal PCS
-Soil mode to evaluate outdoor risks
-Dust mode to pre-screen abatement or renovation work
-Consumer Products mode for complete EBL evaluation
-Quick, easy-to-use tool for RRP Rule compliance


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