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UNI-T UT285A Three Phase Power Quality
Product Name

UNI-T UT285A Three Phase Power Quality


USD 1,800.00


UT285A Three Phase Energy and Power Quality Analyzer

1、Easy setup of the Analyzer;
2、Scope mode to determine whether the Analyzer are connected correctly;
3、Power Quality Profile mode to get a general impression of the power quality of a power system;
4、Other measurement functions, such as Dips & Swells, Harmonics, Flicker, Unbalance, Inrush Current,and Power and Energy, fully compliant to IEC61000 series standards;
5、Use the Analyzer for manual field test or for automatic online test ;
6、Analyze Power Quality on PC by using the accompanied AccupoView software;
7、85~400V wide range power supply with high volume internal battery;
8、Kensington lock to safeguard the Analyzer against theft.
Due to the increased use of power electronic components within the distribution system and reliance on renewable energy sources which have converters as interface between the source and the power system, both electric utilities and end users of electric power are becoming increasingly concerned about the quality of electric power. The UT258A Three Phase Energy and Power Quality Analyzer is a powerful instrument to investigate the power quality problems of power systems.


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