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Date of Posting : Saturday, 26 August 2017 | 09:55
City / Country : london / england
DonVerifiedcustomer : When it comes to meters, personally I think UNIT-T is the best. I am an electrician by trade for 22 years and that is all I use at work and decided it was time to buy one for myself for home use and side jobs. This Amp probe works perfectly and I wouldnt think of buying any other brand. Trust me, I do this for a living.
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Date of Posting : Saturday, 26 August 2017 | 09:52

City / Country : lasi / romania
Matt : Unit looks good and seems to function like it should. The leather pouch however is blotted, has printing hickeys and the Fluke logo is crooked by almost half an inch! In my most objective opinion the pouch is extremely uninspiring, a POS, an insult to Fluke as well as the customer! Time will tell if the unit is Fluke quality, I will put it through its paces within the return period.
Admin :

Date of Posting : Saturday, 26 August 2017 | 09:50
City / Country : bukares / romania
bronsonroma : Fluke makes a pretty decent and quality product. I have had my fluke1620,1630,1625 series for 20 years, and its managed to impressively stay within 10% of calculated amp values, albeit the fact that its the oldest piece of electronics measurement gear in my inventory. I purchased the 323 model last week as a traveling spare for my solar kit, and its measurements close the gap even further with a 2% deviation (calculated/measured). As a baseline test, I used a known power quantity, while testing a 1300 watt MrCoffee appliance. 1300 watts at 120 volts should require an amp draw of 10.83 amps, and the clamp meter measured 10.6 amps. Happy with the results, glad I purchased it.
Admin :

Date of Posting : Saturday, 26 August 2017 | 09:47
City / Country : london / england
James customer : Indo equipment s Fluke. Built like a brick, works perfectly, and has a great design. Fantastic tool for measuring current without breaking into the circuit. Remember, you cant measure current by clamping an extension cord or a piece of romex.
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Date of Posting : Wednesday, 27 Mei 2015 | 18:24
City / Country : barcelona / spain
dudez fernandez : Despite increasingly fierce market competition, Indo equipment supply still able to maintain the strength of its market share and competitive price. In the last three years indo supply equipment capable of being the best in asia feeder FLIR
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